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Explore Sidari

Apart from the fabulous beach, Sidari offers a variety of evening entertainment, a number of attractions that are worth a visit, restaurants, bars, travel agents, vehicle hire shops, souvenir shops and a lot more.

Below you will find a list of some of our suggestions to some of the finest businesses operating in Sidari and the surrounding area. And we're proud to announce that some of these businesses provide special offers and discounts for guests staying at Destino Blue.

You can find out more by visiting our reception. Our staff will be more than happy to guide you through your Sidari experience. Our wish is for everyone to explore the resort and experience the best Sidari has to offer!



Bar & Diner, Sidari Centre

Calypso Bar & Diner is beautiful seaside restaurant offering exceptional dine and drink options. As one of the oldest establishments in Sidari, it has offered unforgettable experiences to it's guests over the years so, why not become one of them?



Entertainment Bar & Diner, Sidari Centre

Madison Entertainment Bar & Diner is one of Sidari's most visited places, for two very good reasons: amazing dining options and some of the best shows in town. Tribute acts and tasty dishes at their finest.

Greek Village

Traditional Greek Cuisine, Sidari Centre

Fancy a meal by the sea side while enjoying the sunset? Then don't miss out on this amazing restaurant, in the centre of Sidari.

Mamacita Cantina Y Coctelería

Tex-mex and cocktails, Sidari Centre

If you happen to get tired of Greek food at any point and feel like trying something different, then Mamacita Tex-Mex restaurant is exactly where you need to be! A local gem, serving hot and spicy meals accompanied by delicous cocktails.

Babylon Bar

Karaoke Bar, Sidari Centre

Everyone enjoys a fun night out, especially when it involves karaoke singing and refreshing cocktails by the beach. So prepare your vocal cords and dive into the fun side of Sidari.

It's All Greek To Me

Souvenir Shop, Sidari Centre

"It's All Greek To Me" provides everything you'll ever need for your souvenirs and gifts! Original Greek and Corfiot products created by local business and sold at decent prices. Opa! (which is Greek for "hurray").

Perros Gold

Jewelry Store, Sidari Centre

Luxurious jewelry, inspired by ancient Greek and Roman designs. At Perros Gold, you will find items that can make any woman (or man) glow with happiness.

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